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Unlock any website and collect any public web data with the most advanced proxy networks for business. Enjoy the highest success rates, at any scale & for any use case.

residential proxy service for data collection

Trusted by 超20000 businesses in 162+ countries:

proxy service with the best success rates
Best success rates

Use the industry’s highest-performing proxies to access accurate web data from any geolocation, for immediate business insights & competitive advantage.

proxy service with the highest speeds, both network speeds and data collection speed
Highest speeds

Experience the fastest proxies, including 72 million+ unique IP addresses collected from fully opted-in users around the world.

reliability is 100% - You don't pay if our proxy server doesn't retrieve your request
100% reliable

Our proxies are the industry standard for their stability at any scale. Get seamless service without interruption.

Bright Data is perfect for:

Proxy Service for Web Data Extraction - Magnifying glass looking at growth chart
Web data extraction
Use proxy services for brand protection and copyright tracking
Brand protection
use a proxy service for SEO monitoring
SEO Monitoring
blue shopping cart icon - proxy services for ecommerce
price comparisons using a proxy service to check different locations and devices
Price comparison
proxy service for stock market data - alt-data
Stock market data
Proxy as a service for search engine crawler
Search Engine Crawler
proxies for travel data aggregation
Travel aggregation

Residential Proxies

See the web as any real person would with our rotating residential proxy network built of over 72 million unique real-user IPs in every country, city, carrier and ASN across the globe. Make data requests from real places of residence using the largest real-peer IP network in the world.

rotating residential proxies as a proxy services
data center proxies as a service

Data Center Proxies

Bright Data provides the most sophisticated data center network, with multiple IP types across the world. Purchase from a shared IP pool, or an exclusive IP dedicated for your needs. Best for maintaining consistency in the origin of requests.

Mobile Proxies

Experience the most advanced mobile residential proxy service offering the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G IPs network in the world. Mobile residential IPs in every city are incredibly versatile, with no limitations on concurrent connections, so that you can verify cellular ads, mobile app user experience, and keep track of campaigns and promotions.

mobile proxies - proxy as a service
internet service provider proxies as a proxy service

ISP Proxies

Own real IPs from any city in the world (without IP rotation), assigned by ISPs and leased to Bright Data for your exclusive use, for as long as you need them. Enjoy 110,000+ static residential IPs across the globe and 100% network uptime.

Web Unlocker

Save time & resources, while enjoying seamless data retrieval with our automated website unlocking & data retrieval tool. Web Unlocker handles all under-the-hood website unlocking operations for you, end-to-end, including retries, browser emulation, proxy and IP rotations, fingerprinting, and captcha. Adapts itself as target sites evolve, using multi-layered machine learning and AI.

web unlocker - proxy as a service in which you only pay when the collected data is successfully retrieved

Awards & Recognition

We’re grateful to be recognized for the best products and service in the industry. These accomplishments reflect our commitment to always bring value to our customers, and to fulfil our mission of creating a better internet.
Frost and Sullivan Logo
2019 Frost and Sullivan award to our proxy service for best practices
Best Practices & Market Leadership 2019

Awarded 2019 Market Leader by Frost & Sullivan, for inventing and leading the proxy network and data collection market.

Proxyway logo
smartproxy 2021 award for best proxy ecosystem
Best Proxy Ecosystem 2021

Awarded 2021 Best Proxy Ecosystem Award for leading in the industry in data collection innovation, & the best overall customer experience.

Best Proxy Ecosystem Award from Smartproxy
Best Proxy Ecosystem 2020

Awarded 2020 Best Proxy Ecosystem for its variety of market-leading tools to unblock any site, and collect any public web data.

72M+ IPs from all around the world

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Why choose Bright Data

stable connection is important for a proxy service
Stable connection

Extremely stable connection for long sessions (99.99% uptime guaranteed).

integrate the our proxy services using our proxy manager tool
Optimize with Proxy Manager

Free to integrate with our Proxy Manager, which allows you to define custom rules for optimized results.

market leading speeds for proxies
Market-leading speeds

Send unlimited concurrent requests increasing speed, cost-effectiveness, and overall efficiency, no matter the scale.

proxy service with worldwide coverage
Worldwide coverage

Our service provides coverage in every country, city, carrier and ASN across the globe.

proxy service support around the clock
24/7 professional support

Our customers receive 24/7 support. Your dedicated account managers will go above and beyond your needs and expectations.

ethically sourced and patented technology
Fully compliant and patented

Gain access to ethically sourced data to ensure the long term value of your data sourcing efforts.

What our customers say about us

Bright Data’s (Formerly Luminati Networks) multiple networks, IP types and integration methods allowed us to not only improve but expand our data collection with support that went above and beyond our expectations.

No-brainer pricing

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Data Center proxies


Mobile proxies


ISP proxies


Web Unlocker

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