Luminati Network rebrands
Bright Data

Today Luminati Networks is rebranding as Bright Data.

A brighter vision

Luminati was founded in 2014 to pioneer technological solutions allowing businesses and organizations to see the internet with complete transparency.

The internet revolution promised a transparent Web, where information would be free and equally accessible to all. But the internet did not live up to its promise.

We named our company Luminati to represent our mission: To shed a bright light on the Web and reveal its truth for everyone.

To do this, we launched a revolutionary proxy network. In recent years we have evolved with our customers’ data-driven needs to offer a full range of original web data collection solutions.

To build a brighter data-led future, we all depend on a transparent internet, essential in making smarter decisions, fast.

Why we’ve changed our name

We determined that while the name Luminati often served us well, it also sounded like a term with some negative connotations.

Our new name, Bright Data better represents who we are today, our commitment to our customers, and our expansion from proxy service to leading innovator of full-service data collection solutions.

What we stand for

Bright Data is built on the same values that Luminati stood for:

Bright innovation: We enable smart real-time decision making, by offering the smartest technological data-driven solutions.

Bright trust: Trust means we always strive to serve our customers with the most value, the best in-class products, attuned care, and the finest customer experience.

Bright transparency: Transparency is part of our DNA. We follow an ethical code of conduct to demonstrate trustworthiness.

What’s changing?

Along with our new name, we’ve given our website and logo a fresh look. We will continue to strive for excellence, delivering sharp, reliable data, tailored to your needs. We believe the brightest results rely on forward-thinking data-driven innovation.